What do Russians Eat? Are you interested in finding out what Russians really eat in their day to day lives? If your answer is yes, you have visited the best place to get a brief understanding of what Russians eat. However, before getting to the topic straightaway, we will see how they manage their meals in day to day life.

A Russian normally has three meals per day ranging from morning to night. Just like the other cultures, Russians too, get a breakfast quite early in the day before going for work.  The breakfast of Russians is usually very light and they do not take much time for breakfast. We will find out what Russians eat in breakfast, later in this article.

The second meal of the day for Russians is more of a lunch for other cultures. In other words, the second meal in Russian is called obed and it is taken around 2 pm. Then comes the last meal of the day which can be called supper in English. In Russian language, the last meal of the day is called uzhin  and it is served at around 7 pm.

The Breakfast (zavtrak).

There are few varieties in the way Russians serve their breakfast. With tea and coffee being important drinks in Russians’ lifestyles, most of the Russians take butterbrots, kasha (a traditional dish), tyorog, eggs (either fried or boiled) and cereal for breakfast, depending on their preferences. In addition to that, they prefer eating cheese on toast along with a juice. To explain further about foods they eat, butterbrots is more like a sandwich which is made of a slice of bread and a layer of butter. Tyorog is quite similar to cottage cheese and kasha is a cereal, very popular in Europe, especially among Russians.

The Lunch (obed).

On working days, Russians usually get an hour long lunch break, which can be from 1 pm to 3 pm. Lunch can be considered as the main meal for many Russians and during the lunch break, most of the restaurants offer lunch packages at an inexpensive price.  A Russian lunch consists of three courses with a hot soup being the first course of the lunch. Usually, porridge, potatoes and meat are included in the second course according to the preferences of people. The next course which also happens to be the last course, is served usually with a drink or at times a desert. Drinks such as kompot, coffee, juice and tea are the common drinks used for the third course of the lunch break.

 The Supper (uzhin).

The last meal of the day for Russians is supper which starts around 7 pm. The duration of the supper can vary depending on what is included in the supper to eat. This is the time for most of the Russians get the chance to stay together as a family and spend the time together while discussing about the events of the day as well as special moments. The Russians also prefer inviting guests to join the supper as it is the time for Russians to share the happiness and emotions.

So what is normally included in Russian supper? Usually a soup known as Shi is included in Russian meals. It is made with a mixture of food such as meat, cabbage, carrot, onion, tomatoes and potatoes. Apart from that, they also prepare a traditional salad specially on holidays, which is known as olivye. Bread, Golubci and Pelmeni are also very popular foods in this country with a huge land area. After having the supper, a tea with sugar is usually served.

Russia is obviously a great country with a rich history and it is doubtlessly a great pleasure to taste the traditional Russian food in the Russian way as it brings one of the best moments to the life.