Ingridients for russian borscht.
1 kg of beef (pulp or on a stone),
500 g of potatoes,
300 g is fresher than cabbage,
400 g of beet,
200 g of carrots,
200 g of onions,
3 tablespoons of tomato paste,
1 tablespoons vinegar of 6%,
2-3 garlic gloves,
2-3 bay leaves,
vegetable oil,
greens to taste.
Borscht cook both with haricot, and with paprika, etc.
I offer the recipe which very much is pleasant to us.
The amount of ingredients is specified a four-liter pan.

To fill in meat with water, to cook 1.5 hours.
To cut meat a small slices.
To add in broth or fresh water.
Small to cut onions.
To grate carrots on an average grater.
To chop cabbage thin straws.
To cut beet thin straws.
To fry beet on vegetable oil.
To add vinegar and tomato paste (if paste dense, to add a little water), to extinguish 5-7 minutes.
On vegetable oil to fry onions.
To add carrots, to fry.
To cut potatoes in cubes.
When broth will begin to boil, to add cabbage. To cook on small fire of 5 minutes.
To add beet, to cook about 10 more minutes.
To add onions and carrots.
To add a bay leaf. If it is necessary, to salt, pepper.
To add the garlic which has been squeezed.
To clean from fire, to allow to be drawn 15-20 minutes.
To fill a ready russian borscht in plates, to add sour cream and to strew with greens.